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A , B , C , and D are your attack buttons, pressing them will pull off a variety of attacks and actions on their own and in conjunction.

F is your Fatal button, press it just before the active frames of an attack to force a Fatal Counter Hit (cost Super 1 bar).

Throws are initiated by pressing either 4C (back throw) or 6C (front throw) while in close proximity of the opponent, throws are also broken or "teched" with the same inputs. Throws can also be preformed in the air and can NOT be teched. You can actually buffer a throw by having the C button held and just input 4 or 6 when in range.

Ukemi and Recovery (also known as teching) are initiated when pressing any attack button (plus a direction for additional movement control) when there's a gap in an opponent's attack or combo. Proper use of this action can help you avoid further damage and bad situations, however look out for "tech traps" with "meaty" attacks that will catch your recovery before your "avoidance" frames kick in.

Auto-Combo pressing the A button consecutively will activate a pre-programmed combo which usually consists of several Normal attacks into a Special and ending in a Super (considering you have the meter). Auto-Combos usually deal an insignificant amount of damage but do yield unique Normals and even reward a good chunk of meter. NOTE: Not all characters have Auto-Combos.

T-Cancel activated by pressing a direction + any 2 attack buttons and immediately returns your character to a neutral state (costs Super 1 bar). While Specials and Supers can be T-Canceled freely, most Normals can NOT be T-Canceled during their active frames, for exceptions to the rules please refer to the Character pages. Also the directional input doesn't require a separate input, you can hold the direction and just press 2 attack buttons.

Push Block can be done by pressing the Fatal button during block stun, this forces the opponent to be pushed back a good distance (costs 75% Guard meter, can NOT be activated prior to building 100% Guard meter first).

Counter Boost preformed by pressing the Fatal button during hit stun and strikes the opponent with an attack that is fully invulnerable through its startup and active frames (costs 100% Guard meter). Every character's Counter Boost attack is different (for both ground and aerial states) so their ranges and space covered also vary.

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Input Priority Edit

A < B < C < D

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