Arcade Edit

Face off against a ladder of computer controlled opponents.

VS 2P Edit

Challenge your friends and see who can come out on top!


Fight a computer controlled opponent, 1-on-1.


Fight your friends anywhere across the internet (will require 1 person to have ports open in order to host).

Survival Edit

Face off against a never ending chain of opponents, how long can you last? Can you make it to the hidden boss...?

Training Edit

Here you can set up various situations and view numerous data to help hone your skills in the game.

Tutorial Edit

<Currently unavailable>

Color Set Edit

Allows customization of any 31 of a character's alternate color palettes.

Gallery Edit

You can look at unlocked artwork here.

Option Edit

Lets you adjust various parameters of general gameplay.

Replay Edit

Allows you to playback match videos recorded during VS play.

Quit Edit

Exits and closes the game.

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