1. Vitality Edit

Shows the remaining life of each character, when it drops to zero, the opponent loses. Nothing special in this game other than under the character's name the exact health left is displayed.

2. Guard Break Gauge Edit

This Gauge, right under the Vitality Gauge, goes up when you're taking hits while guarding, when it's filled you'll become unable to guard for a shot period of time, this is a guard break.

3. Character Specific Gauge Edit

Specific to each character, its form can vary, it can be Qodra's Dragon Install, Celetia's bullets or Sisca's remaining time before the 236B explodes.

4. Timer Edit

Displays the time left, when it reaches 0 the character with the highest percentage of health left wins the round.

5. Guard Gauge Edit

Green Guage over the Action Gauge, it can be used for bursting or Guard Canceling or repeling your opponent.

6. Action Gauge Edit

Goes up with various actions, when you have 1 some actions become aviable and with 2 you can use supers.

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