Profile & Background Edit

Name: Serena
Age: 18
Height: 149cm
Weight: 45kg
Weapon: The sword, 'Rush Chimera'
Birthday: Unknown (Main deemed it 11/28)
Blood Type: B
Graduate: Uppermost Floating City (number unknown)
Personality: Shy, withdrawn
Loves: Main
Hates: Coldness

A-Serena is a lightning-fast rushdown character who utilizes her mobility, safe pressure, and frame traps to set up high-damage combos. She dominates at close range and has a lot of ways to get there. If you favor a straightforward, aggressive style, A-Serena might be for you!

Abilities Edit

Health Points


Front Run

(66)  - Quick forward dash, can hold (6) to keep running.


(44) - Ludicrously good backdash that recovers in 12F. Nobody should ever have a backdash this good.

Air Dash

(66) or (44) in the air - Serena can air dash twice in a row. In addition, her air dash can be performed after a super jump or double jump.


(2D) in the air - This will cause Serena to descend rapidly from the air. Can cancel into j.D or j.2C to attack while falling.

Move List Edit

Normals Edit

Damage Guard Frame Adv Notes


M +3 Nice, quick jab. Comes out in about 4-5F.


M -6 Deceptively long range, similar to 5B, but much slower.


M -5 Amazing poke. 7F startup, long range, moves you forward, chains into everything. Use often.


M +2 Not great because it moves you away from the opponent, but might be useful for stagger pressure.


M -2 Pretty good. Slower than 5B, but slightly more range and has a nice AA hitbox.
6C 650 H -14 You can TC this to get a neat little airdash and then attack with something faster, so it could be a useful movement option. 214A is a far superior overhead in most cases.


M +12 Has some nice range, amazing combo starter if it hits, and very rewarding on block. Even though it's very slow, the startup animation is subtle, so I think it's a decent poke.


M, H -1 The classic 2A flying kick. Goes over lows, make sure you're close enough not to whiff the 2nd hit, or it becomes unsafe.


L +3 7F low, +3 on block tells you all you need to know. Poor range and does not chain into 5B, however.


M -4 Has a vacuum effect which is important for combos, and it has a very good AA hitbox. Does not hit low.


L -7 Very nice long-range slide, gets you in and can be special canceled for comboability and safety.


M - Unlike B-Serena's j.A, this does not hit overhead. It's still a decent jump-in, though.


M - Hella fast air-to-air, not much else to say.


H - A little slower than j.6A, but the high hitbox comes out faster.


H - The slowest of her air normals. Has a magnificent hitbox though, and shrinks her hurtbox significantly.
j.2C 570 H -18 Could be useful for baiting AA's, but it's incredibly unsafe due to its landing recovery. TC the hop into j.B or j.C for a safer alternative.


H -10 Serena pushes away from the opponent. Surprisingly fast and has a good hitbox. On hit can be canceled into j.2C for a full combo. TC gives you a back hop.

Specials Edit

Damage Guard Frame Adv Notes
Great fullscreen slide. Safe at a distance, but becomes super unsafe when used ~half screen, so 2D is preferred up close. Can't really TC it effectively since the active frames begin right away.
Primarily a mobility tool that can be TCed right in the opponent's face to bait a counterhit or follow up with pressure. Airdash immediately after the TC to retain your air options.
Blue Slide
Cool little ground fireball, good for setting up your approach. You can TC right as the fireball comes out to cancel the recovery.
Blue Slide Charge
Looks like a super move, but it has a ~45F startup. Gives you all the time in the world if you can get them to block it, and it can be TCed just like the A version.
Mostly used for combos, though it can be TCed to make it safe.
800 M -8 Similar to 5D, it has a good startup animation and long range, and launches for a devastating combo. You can TC into throw just before it hits for a ghetto kara cancel.
(4D after Vanity)
Uses 1 stock of meter. Followup to Vanity which launches and allows for a damaging combo.


400 H -24 (Air OK.) Serena likes DotA too! It's a 12F overhead when used in pressure, and the air version can be jump canceled on hit or block. In other words, TK version is completely safe, and you can JC > 2D when they block it to fastfall into another j.D/2B mixup, or air dash away. It's also very useful for air mobility, as a TC'ed Striker will rocket you across the screen, and can be TK'ed for various trajectories. Learn how to use this move.

Lead Star
(C after Striker)

640 H -274 (lolwut?) Striker's C followup is mostly used for combos, TCs, and shenanigans. TCing during the airdash won't eliminate landing recovery, so be careful.
Lead Fly
(D after Striker)
610 H -32 Truly scary rocket dash that hits overhead and goes nearly fullscreen in the blink of an eye. 4D version causes Serena to fly backwards, so it's a good way to get out, especially after a blocked Striker. Uses 1 stock.

Lightning Rod

1120 M - A quick backdash followed by a great anti-air rocket dash. It deals a ton of damage, and has no recovery. As in, literally none. As soon as the attack hits them, you're good to go. You can kara-cancel 214C into this to give it slightly faster startup, but you will lose your air movement options afterward. Can also be TCed at the end of the backdash to slingshot Serena forward.
Lightning Rod
720 M -14 Unfortunately the much less useful version, since this move was designed properly and therefore has recovery frames. Its speed makes it a constant threat, but remember the range is not as great as it appears. 214B can be kara-canceled into this with no real effect.

Supers Edit

Damage Guard Frame Adv Notes
Your standard badass multi-hitting super. Uses 2 stocks.
Paint in Grey
Super version of Blue Slide. Startup is extremely fast (~2F), so it could be useful as a reversal. It travels full screen and can be TC'ed to negate recovery, just like Blue Slide.

Tactics & Strategy Edit

Character Overview Edit


Chain Tree Edit


Combos Edit


  • 2B > 5C > 214A > 5B > 2C(3) > 214C~B > j.B > (land) > j.6A(2) > j.B > JC > j.A > j.B > j.C > j.D >214A - 2531dmg, corner to corner carry
  • 2B > 5C(FC) > 5D > 214A > 5B > 2C(3) > 214C~B > j.B > (land) > j.6A(2) > j.B > JC > j.A > j.B > j.C > j.D > 214A - 3554dmg, 1 stock, corner to corner carry


  • ...

Miscellaneous Edit

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