Basic Mechanics Edit


Character Vitality Edit

Below is a quick reference chart for all character's health values (from greatest to least):

Alcott 10,752
Cielo 10,416
Main 10,000
Tae 9,259
Reviel, Caligula, Reinhard 9,090
Sisca 8,928
Cletia 8,695
Qdora 7,692
Cecil 7,633
Serena 6,896

Chip Damage Edit

All attacks with active frames (Normals, Specials, Supers) deal chip damage when successfully blocked, chip damage is calculated as:

$ Base Damage - 80% = Chip Damage $

Note that all chip damage can be slowly recovered over time so long as you are not in hit or block stun. Also while this recoverable chip shares the same color as residual damage from a successful hit or combo, the latter can NOT be recovered and is instead immediately lost.

Hit State Bonus Edit

In E's Laf damage for successfully hitting attacks varies slightly depending on the state in which your opponent is in during the hit. Distribution is as follows:

Opponent State Bonus
Aerial Base + 40%
Standing Base
Crouching Base + 20%

This applies to every attack done while grounded, most aerial attacks do not receive any bonus, always doing base damage.

Advance Mechanics Edit


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